Sometimes, in life, things don’t go quite to plan but just because the outcome isn’t what we expected, it doesn’t mean that it wont turn out just fine and dandy in the end…..

Not long after we first got together I realised that I had to tell the man who would become my husband that I loved him. In some ways I am quite a simple soul and tend to say what I think without considering the possible consequences so I blurted it out:

“I think I am falling..”

“I know what you are going to say and don’t say it”

“…….in love with you”

You always expect, once you’ve said ‘I love you’ or ‘I am falling in love with you’ for the sentiment to be reciprocated. It wasn’t. I put on a brave face, toughed it out and drove home feeling wretched and more than a little humiliated. I think it was the next day or a couple of days later when my phone rang whilst I was driving; hands free hadn’t been invented then (or at least was unaffordable for me) so I picked up and said ‘hello’. For a brief moment there was silence and then I heard music and road noise:

‘In my life there’s been heartache and pain

I don’t know if I can face it again

Can’t stop now I’ve travelled so far,

To change this lonely life

I want to know what love is, I want you to show me

I want to feel what love is, I know you can show me’

My love kept the phone line open until the song finished and he never said a word but, then again, he didn’t need to………

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I'm learning about myself and about life every day. I write a blog on (You are not alone) for something to do and I write poetry because I enjoy it.




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