March 2, 2017


I’ve recently been watching the Tudors (partly because it’s a fascinating period in history and partly because I like looking at Jonathan Rhys Meyers) and there were several scenes that I just could not watch; notably one concerning a man’s nether regions and a red hot poker!! I thought to myself ‘how terrible to have lived in those times, I’m so lucky’.

Then I got to thinking about the scenes I was so revolted by: beheadings, torture, imprisonment, cruelty to animals, women and children. I am not lucky because I don’t live in the 16th Century, I thought, I am lucky not to live in those places in the world where these type of things still happen on a regular basis. In 2017 we are still doing many of the things that horrified and terrified people who lived during the reign of Henry VIII; you would think that, after 500 years, we would have developed as human beings and learned from the bloody horrors of our past!

How sad it is that Man is still the same justifications for aggression and violence that the Tudor king and his minister used. I wonder when we will begin to look for a justification for peace? If we can find it, maybe then, finally, we will be making progress………

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