March 28, 2017

Poem (7)

Dark clouds descend as I watch and wait

An omnipresent feeling of surrender

That accompanies you, my present fate

Your power my fear will always engender

I cannot breathe, heart’s beating too fast

Why can’t you announce your intentions

Is it exquisite knowing that this will last

Is this brand of torture your invention

Some warning please of your impending arrival

To give me some peace and time to prepare

If you still want to play and ensure my survival

You must know you are cruel are you sure this is fair

Was my loss not enough to placate or content

Must you cover my heart with a cloak of despair

Why do you visit, by whom were you sent

Are you laughing at me while I’m gasping for air

Have your fun while you may, I still have some fight

And I know I can beat you, that day will come

For now the bright day will descend into night

But tomorrow will come and with it the sun



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About feelingyounger

I'm learning about myself and about life every day. I write a blog on (You are not alone) for something to do and I write poetry because I enjoy it.


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