My friend and I have just spent 10 days in Jamaica enjoying the sunshine (it rained for two days but let’s not dwell on that), swimming with dolphins, parasailing and generally relaxing and having fun. Unfortunately my friend decided to catch a cold the day before we were due to come home; as he’s a man his suffering was akin to a bubonic plague victim!

As we got on the plane (Virgin Atlantic in case you were wondering) the air hostess asked if we were ok. She decided not as, unfortunately, my friend sneezed on her and so she immediately drew us to one side informing us that protocol demanded that she call a medical officer to confirm that we were fit to fly. We explained that it was a cold and we were fine but she insisted. A very rude woman asked a myriad of questions and insisted that we had our temperatures taken. Questions answered and temperatures pronounced normal we were deemed fit and took our seats.

Some time later we were still on the tarmac and an announcement came over the tannoy that we would be delayed as the ground crew were having to security check two suitcases. Like everyone else we groaned and prayed that we wouldn’t be delayed; we prayed extra hard as we had a connecting flight at Gatwick to take us back to France. Over an hour later we departed Jamaica.

The flight was good but we had less than an hour to make our connecting flight. We were rushed off the plane, hurtled through customs and arrived breathless in the connections department. Here we were told that our luggage would not, as we had assumed, be transferred from one fight to another but we would have to go and collect it and then go back through security. Needless to say we missed the flight and had to stump up another £80 each and wait 2 hours for another one.

We left the hotel in Jamaica at 3.30 Friday afternoon and arrived back in France at 5.30 Saturday afternoon once all the time differences were taken into account.

To say that we were a bit weary was an understatement but there was unpacking to be done……..

When I opened my suitcase I wondered if the ground crew in one of the airports had been playing football with it. Everything I had so neatly packed was screwed up in a ball including a brand new Balenciaga clutch bag (I was a mite peeved about that). I then received a message from my friend to say that his things were in a similar state and that a bottle of Hermes aftershave had gone missing.

It was then that it dawned on me – the bags that had been security checked had been ours and we were the reason that we missed our connecting flight. The moral of this story is: don’t catch cold on holiday and definitely don’t sneeze on flight crew (if you can’t avoid it tell them it’s hay fever!)

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