I am currently recovering from the worst cold I have ever had – swollen glands, hot and cold shivers, sinus headache, chronic cough, the works!! As I really, really hate being ill I decided to try out natural cold remedies to see if they would work. It turns out that some or all of them did as I’m feeling much better after just 3 days. So here you go – this is my guide to curing the common (or in this case unpleasantly uncommon) cold:

  1. Raw garlic: this contains allicin apparently which is a powerful antibacterial which is released when the raw garlic is crushed. I have a juice extractor so I chucked a couple of cloves in with some orange juice (for the vitamin C) and drank the mixture a couple of times a day. It’s fortunate that I live alone as I think my breath could have been used as a chemical weapon afterwards but it helped.
  2. Raw ginger: a couple of chunks sliced up in boiling water with some fresh lemon juice and a spoonful of honey really helped with the coughing and snuffling and plus it tasted a lot better than the raw garlic. I did try eating a slice of raw ginger (as suggested in a very popular Youtube video) and this stopped me coughing immediately but that could have been all my various tubes going into shock for a few minutes; raw ginger is very, very strong!
  3. Apple cider vinegar: added to the ginger/lemon/honey concoction above again really helped with the cough and added to the flavour (I think I’ll carry on drinking this ‘tea’ as it really does taste rather nice). I actually discovered another use for apple cider vinegar today which made me realise how desperate I was to get rid of the last of this bloody cold. I decided I was well enough to go out for a walk so did a quick couple of miles and felt pretty good when I got back except for blocked sinuses and a really irritating tickley cough. A quick trawl through Google brought me to nasal washes – yes it is exactly as it sounds before you ask. Five minutes later I was inhaling a mixture of cooled boiled water and apple cider vinegar – that was a shock to the system I can tell you but it worked!
  4. Thyme: apparently fresh thyme is a natural expectorant and it certainly seemed to work when added into the medicinal ‘tea’. I won’t go into details as it really was not pleasant but most of the phlegm that was clogging up my nose, throat and chest was forcibly removed overnight (yuck!!)
  5. Vicks vaporub (but not as you’d expect): someone told me years ago that, if you put this on the soles of your feet, put on a pair of socks and take yourself off to bed you’ll feel better in the morning. I don’t know why and, quite frankly, I don’t care but this also seemed to work.
  6. Sweating: my best friend swears by ‘sweating out’ a cold. Honestly I was convinced that it was an old wive’s tale but, having tried all these other weird and wonderful cures I thought I’d give it a go last night. It’s been pretty warm over here for the last few days but I shut all the windows, put on a thick pair of pyjamas, a pair of socks (complete with Vicks) and climbed under the duvet. It took a lot of self control not to throw it all off so that I could stop feeling like I’d gone to bed in a sauna but, much to my surprise, this morning I felt a lot better.
  7. Steam inhalation: whilst sitting with your head under a tea towel and over a bowl of steam is not the most glamorous thing in the world, neither is being all snotty and coughing and spluttering all over the place so it’s worth a try. Not only does it relieve a bunged up nose, it also clears your pores pretty well so a win/win

So, there you go, I’m not sure which of the above worked but something certainly did; two days ago I was feeling like nothing on earth not really wanting to move from my bed and today I walked a couple of miles and didn’t die. Of course it could just be that I’ve taken my mind off things by researching and preparing all these strange concoctions; either that or I’ve found a cure for the common cold. Either way I’m rather glad that I no longer feel like a bag of crap…………….

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