Candy crush requires you to pit your ‘wits’ against a computer programme; it’s oddly addictive (this is speaking as someone who has been stuck on level 714 for the last few days!)

Some of the levels drive you spare – my own personal bete noir is ‘chocolate’; each time you destroy a square of chocolate another one appears, sometimes 2 and it’s incredibly frustrating. However, you continue to try, to get through this level hoping that the next one will be better. You can spend days or even weeks playing the same game over and over again hoping that you will find the secret to the next level, hating the end of each game more and more as you here the, frankly patronising, ‘aaaahhhhh’ as you fail once again. Sometimes you get close – only one square of chocolate left – but in some ways that’s worse than having 20 left; you are so close to your goal but not quite close enough.

Eventually, when the computer programme decides that you have suffered enough (or more logically when the algorithm calculates that you are due to move to the next level) you win. You beat the system, you see your place in the tables and, joy of joys, you are first, you’ve beaten everyone else. You then move on with great anticipation to the next level only to find that it’s ‘bubblegum’ which takes you through exactly the same process as ‘chocolate’ but with slightly different sounds. You tried and tried and tried only to end up in pretty much the same place as you started. Only you realise that it’s not quite the same place, it’s worse; the ‘chocolate’ level actually wasn’t so bad looking back; you wonder why you didn’t enjoy it more at the time as you fail to chew your way through 45 pieces of bubblegum in 25 moves.

Life is like that. We are often in situations that we don’t like, that cause us irritation and frustration and we pray for time to pass just so we don’t have to endure it any longer. The problem is, what do we miss when we are irritated and frustrated? What is life offering us that we are ignoring because we are so fixated on the problem in front of us? How many times have we battled through a problem only to find another one presents itself immediately afterwards?

To get through life we must view it like a game of Candy Crush – enjoy whatever you are doing at the moment you are doing it and if you can’t enjoy it, realise that it won’t last forever. Realise that if you keep trying you will get where you think you want to go eventually but don’t assume that it will be better than where you are now. Realise that this moment you’re in now will pass soon enough and will never come again and realise that life will decide when you win or lose so why fight against it. You only get one after all………………….

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I'm learning about myself and about life every day. I write a blog on (You are not alone) for something to do and I write poetry because I enjoy it.


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