To get through life we must view it like a game of Candy Crush – enjoy whatever you are doing at the moment you are doing it and if you can’t enjoy it, realise that it won’t last forever.

this stopped me coughing immediately but that could have been all my various tubes going into shock for a few minutes; raw ginger is very, very strong!

knowing that we have an expiration date pushes us to get the most from life. What advancements would not have been made if there was no time limit?

What do you think? Are people destined to be what they are destined to be regardless of the path they chose or can we change who we fundamentally are and find peace and happiness regardless of what happens to us in life????

In view of that please ignore everything that I’ve written here and go and see what the mega stars are up to :O)

Will my plane come down or burst into flame?

Is my memory going? I’ve forgotten my name!

If you see a video of a middle aged woman, singing the banana boat song, attached to a parachute, somewhere over Montego Bay that was me.